Fully lamination technology and automatic production line


Independent research and development of material, supporting with technology and equipment, owning fully independent intellectual property rights


T-powertek’s  Automatic production line(Schematic diagram)


T-Powertek developed process and equipment for materials, Keeping the process in high-efficiency and steady state.  Owning  self  knowledge  property  right


Comparative advantage



Application scope




T-powerteks fully lamination technology and complete sets of equipment have been widely used in consumer electronics, automotive, medical, military, yacht, aircraft and other fields. At present, we have reached  strategic cooperation relationships with many well-known enterprises: Becoming a supplier of BOE、being a partner of corning in the gorilla glass, Providing lamination OEM for domestic military products with optimized manufacturing solutions , Providing lamination material for the USA cockpit head touch module. Providing Edge-coating material and reinforcing technology for MI 4,etc. As early as 2013, fully lamination technology has been applied on the car display screen and passed the verification, then began to have substantial cooperation with Delphi, General Motors, Panasonic Corporation. In consideration of working conditions of car display screen, the company is very strict with and has very special requirements  in Resisting to direct sunlight 、Explosion-proof and reliability. T-powerteks lamination technology  passed the strict test, and reformed the yellowing problem which exiting in traditional UV glue. T-powerteks solutions break through the traditional process,no longer rely on the UV light curing mode ,cancel the light initiator, we use  room temperature curing and heat curing instead, So as to realize the advantages of sunlight available、  anti yellowing, preventing  yellow macular.