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    2. Iris recognition without dead ends

      Biometric technology usher in new needs and changes, biometric technology and Internet of things, the intersection of the Internet will become the next focus of the security industry. [Detail]

      2017 DLP mosaic wall market continues to face a strong challenge

      DLP mosaic wall industry in 2016 results in general, the industry-wide transformation has become the industry consensus. [Detail]

      10 trillion US dollars of the Internet of things market, local touch screen manufacturers how to win

      The concept of product networking success, smart phones, tablet PCs and other consumer electronics products continue to weaken demand. [Detail]

      Domestic panel enterprises to break the monopoly of Korea's OLED panel

      IPhone8 introduced AMOLED panel, domestic mobile phone brands have chosen to support the domestic AMOLED panel business. [Detail]

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