Manufacturing manager(1 person)

Job requirements:

1、 3 years of manufacturing company production management experience, photoelectric industry management experience is preferred

2,、familiar with the modern management model, proficient in production management, with a certain leadership, planning, organization and coordination

3、 familiar with the entire plant production, process, quality, equipment, safety of the work

Job Responsibilities:

1、complete the production plan, regular organization of monthly production plan will be arranged

2、responsible for the production cost control, co-ordinate the operation, the material loss of statistical work

3、responsible for the implementation of the enterprise production safety system to prevent the occurrence of security incidents

4、responsible for the organization and management of business guidance and training, and its work on a regular basis to check, assessment and appraisal

5、responsible for the entire manufacturing coordination and supervision work

Process technician (2 people)

Job requirements:

1. Positive attitude, demanding hands-on ability, with 1-2 years LCM module or TP industry work experience;

2. The factory process can be bad analysis and optimization to improve, know how to deal with abnormal production lines;

3. Ability to independently prepare operating instructions SOP, and can write process improvement report;

4. Obedience to lead the task of temporary arrangements, work carefully, with a certain logical thinking ability;

Job Responsibilities:

1. Introduction to products and operating procedures, common bad profile;

2. Electric test fixture installation, common measurement abnormal treatment;

3. The equipment transfer operation practices;

4. Inspection line key inspection items;

Product process engineer (2 people)

Job Responsibilities:

1. Skilled use of statistical techniques and QC seven practices, analysis of the quality of various departments and process capacity.

2. Promote on-site improvements, set up improvement projects and track progress.

3. Familiar with the introduction of new products, develop or modify SOP, job registration certificate, establish a reasonable and efficient exception handling process, improve the efficiency of the production line.

4. Production line education and training, production line daily production, quality anomalies analysis and treatment solutions.

5. Optimize the process to solve the existing production process, technical problems.

6. The introduction of new products and related process documents to develop, optimize and modify.

7. New machine certification and acceptance, raw materials and rationalization assessment.

8. Production site of the process, work practices and methods to improve.

9. Regular maintenance of the equipment, so that the smooth operation of equipment.


1, college and above, electronic, mechanical design, electrical automation and mechanical and electrical integration and other related professional.

2, skilled use of office software. Can understand the mechanical design and circuit design drawings.

3, more than 2 years of electronics factory related work experience is preferred.

4, skilled use of a variety of measuring instruments, familiar with the production process of electronic products, familiar with the electronic product structure, sensors, electronic circuits, single-chip.

5, familiar with the display process, there are abnormal production line processing process, process structure of the problem is good.

Standardized Internal Auditor(1 person)

Job Responsibilities:

1, responsible for browsing the relevant site, a careful understanding of the relevant system to assist the department leaders to promote the construction of the standard system, the organization of relevant departments to revise the management system documents;

2, responsible for the management system related documents inspection, audit and release management;

3, responsible for the organization and implementation of internal audit, the company's external audit of the reception and preparation;

4, responsible for the company's quality system in the process of monitoring the audit, do not meet the tracking and verification work;

5, responsible for publicizing the company's rules and regulations, the implementation of the company's rules and regulations of the implementation;

6, responsible for the management of the company related to the system, process and part of the notice of the draft, published and archived;

7, to complete the temporary leadership assigned to the temporary work.

Job requirements:

1, familiar with the basic process of system audit;

2, familiar with ISO9000 and other relevant standards and national management standards;

3, can be an independent internal audit, with the external audit, a system-related training experience;

4, skilled use of OFFICE office software;

5, there are standardized internal audit certificate.