TOLYY Optronics Co.,Ltd.  Is specialized in  the photoelectric field of new materials development and application . Since its establishment, the company's R&D team have been making a series of achievements,which including the following several type of macromolecule material: developed the Silicone gel , nano silicone epoxy for the photoelectric display industry; New type of automation equipment: Completely independent research and development ;  New technology: we provide engineering and technical solutions for optoelectronic manufacturing enterprises, especially touch module and display module. T-Powertek spends more than 10% of the total turnover in researching and developing  each year, we own more than 30 pieces of  patents which related material, process, equipment and so on, We have been approved in the certification of  Hi-tech enterprise , and have won many prizes in the provincial national entrepreneurship competition.

The company has built two of the world's leading nanotechnology laboratory : nano silicone materials laboratory and High polymerization reinforcement brittle material laboratory. T-Powertek established the international standard of glass Sapphire reliability verification center, and built two materials production line. which had been achieving sales performance since 2013 ,up to 2015 the company's turnover has exceeded 10 million. At the beginning of 2016 ,the company listed in new three board smoothly.