T-powertek Touch display solutions

Photoelectric touch display module’s Application of technical characteristics


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Nanomaterials for Lamination technology

Eliminating the air between the screen to redce the reflect light between panels and glass,so as to enhance the screen ‘s display effect, achieving the effect of sunlight readable. Another feature of the laminating technology is the nanomaterials, this kind of nanometer material  can make the touch units structure more closely  through its own chemical reactions, not only preventing the dust from entering ,also improving the strength  of the structure. In addition, the lamination more effectively reducing the noise on the touch panel display signals, improving the compatibility of the touch module and the sensitivity of the touch response.


Surface treatment technology-AG

We adopt nanometer materials in  the flat surface, making the original cover reflective surface into a dumb light reflecting surface, when it have a lower reflectance compared with the ordinary cover glass,that means the light reflectivity reduced from 8% to below 1%, it can create a clear visual effect,  improve visual Angle, so as to, viewer can experience a better visual senses, certainly,we can write on the board directly by  using a piece of chalk


Blue-violet emission filtering technology

Adding the harmful light filtering material in the silicone gel, T-powertek have made a new research and development, through chemical analysis,  near infrared region(315-400nm), Harmful light filtering rate reached 80%,  Blu-ray region(400-450nm), Harmful light filtering rate reached 60%,at the same time,in the spectral region(450-700nm), transmittance rate reached 99% or more. The study effectively reduce the damage to the human eye due to watching the screen for a long time .


PMMA Material

PMMA( PolymethylMethacrylate), Also known as organic glass,or  Acrylic plate,its fine quality and appropriate price  makes it the most suitable transparent material, it is an ideal replacement of glass material considering its good light transmittance and high surface gloss. This kind of material of screen protection cover glass has characteristics of thin explosion-proof, non-friable, PMMA material also has his bad side,Its soft characteristics do not match with ordinary materials when laminating.that  the coefficient shrinkable coefficient is an evaluation index. whats more, Its soft characteristics  can also lead to light-leaking, macular display problems.

T-powerteks silicone gel  is the most ideal materials for matching  PMMA, its  thermal shrinkage coefficient  smaller as 0.02%.


Capacitive Touch Pad

Compared with the infrared touch technology and resistive touch technology, Capacitive touch technology has these following advantages:excellent sensitivity and accuracy of  touching,  Integrated Design,  reliability. althogh the price is relatively higher. Through optimizing  technical scheme,improving the technology of fully lamination, Developing procurement channels,T-powertek combining a good  user experience with the highest cost-effective.


Multi-touch Technology(up to fifty)

We  set up a scenario that on a large piece of teaching electronic blackboard, Supposing that one student drawing or writing with his one finger,  Multi-touch technology can achieve fifty students drawing or writing simultaneously.